Solway Calf Lodges and Pens

Calf Lodges

Developed by farmers for farmers the Solway Calf Lodge comes with an optional front pen which has external feeding holes which makes it more difficult for calves to spill their milk and feed.

The lodges have been designed so that they can be lined up in a row to allow easy management and allowing calves interaction with each other.

A curved roof and pen wall ensures the calf lodge which has an easy access back door for bedding and observation is extremely unlikely to be blown over even in gale force winds, yet is easily moved to another site.
As Agribord is non-absorbent the risk of disease build up and carry over between batches of calves is greatly reduced.
Greatly reduced disease pressure due to the construction made with non absorbent material.
Easily steam cleaned and pressure washed.
Ease of giving calves their milk and water.
Buckets can be attached to the front retainer attachment. Also a bucket holder on inside of back door – keeps concentrates and compound feeds dry.
Easy back door access for inspection and to bed calves with straw.
Available with or without recycled plastic slatted floor.
Maintenance free.
Lodge - 48kgs
Front attachment - 25kgs
Slatted floor - 36kgs
Hutches will be flat packed, they are available in quantities of 1-6 per pallet, very easy and quick to build and ready for use.
Recycled Plastic Calf Pens
Award Winning 100% Recycled Plastic Pens
Non Absorbent
Easily Steam Cleaned
Durable and Non Toxic
Less Disease Build Up
Healthier Environment for Young Calves
With Slats - Open or Closed Fronts.
Fronts with Double Bucket Holders or Teat & Bucket Holder
Pen Sizes 1500 L x 910 W x 1000 H
Calf Lodge ProductsPrices
1x Basic Calf Lodge£230.00
2x Basic Calf Lodge£410.00
3x Basic Calf Lodge£620.00
4x Basic Calf Lodge£700
5x Basic Calf Lodge£868
6x Basic Calf Lodge£1025
Optional Calf Lodge Fronts£70 each
Optional Calf Hotbox with Heater£299 each
Calf Pen ProductsPrices
1x Basic Calf Pen£158.70
2x Basic Calf Pen£243.94
3x Basic Calf Pen£327.09
4x Basic Calf Pen£414.44
5x Basic Calf Pen£499.69
6x Basic Calf Pen£584.92
7x Basic Calf Pen£670.17
8x Basic Calf Pen£755.42
9x Basic Calf Pen£840.67
10x Basic Calf Pen£925.91
Calf Pen Optional ExtrasPrices
Calf Pen Slats - 910x 1500 mm£102.00
Curly Pins£0.60
Bucket Holders£4.75
Hay Rack£18.00

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