Solway Equestrian Products

Solway Eco Hay Savers
Made from strong robust material, keeping your forage dry, and allowing your horse to graze as normal, but reducing waste.
It is, as with all of Solway products, easily moved, long lasting and easily cleaned. They will never rot or need painting.
Price including delivery ex.VAT = £110
Solway Eco Horse Jump Stands
The Solway Horse Jumps are made from 100% Recycled plastic, making them strong enough to serve the purpose, but also giving them the ability to be moved as and when required.
Solway simply produce the actual stands, and not the poles.
Solway currently produced the stands at a height of five foot, although they have been requested to produce specific sizes, though this is dependent on quantity.
There are different colour options available.
Price including delivery ex.VAT = £188
Solway Eco Stable Cladding

This cladding is a strong robust non chewable material, which can withstand the purpose it is used for in the equestrian sector.

Not only does it look as good as wood, if not better, but it simply requires no treatment, other than the occasional clean, which can be done quick and easily using either a steam clean or a simple hose down.

It is easily fixed into place and can come in various sizes, thicknesses and quantities.

The Solway Recycling Bins can be used for a multitude of uses, recycling plastics, mucking out and storing feed etc. See the Solway Bins link above for more information or feel free to contact us.

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