Solway Hen Houses & Arks

Hen Houses
The Eco Hen House is manufactured from 100% Recycled Plastic, that makes this a unique product with the following benefits:
Easy to clean
No Maintenance Required—
(no weather treatment required)
All Weather Durable
Extremely Robust
No wood, prevents unwanted mites etc
Easy to move
Heavy Galvanized Run
Nest Trays
Air Vents
Fully Opening Back Door for Easy Access to Eggs
Optional Mesh or Solid Floor
Easy Collection of Eggs
The Solway Eco Hen House Range is designed to keep your birds warm, safe and secure during all weather types, it can come with a galvanized run to allow your poultry to roam within a safe environment, but prevent unwanted escapes.
With the Solway award winning hen house you have the choice of a mesh or a solid floor. The mesh floor allows for self cleaning and saves labour.
This hen house has a unique nest box which is located on the door that swings open for very easy access to save bending or stooping into the house. It is also a cleaner way to retrieve eggs. This helps people who aren’t comfortable reaching into the hen house itself
All the hen houses come with perches, there is also a basic house that comes without a floor or a run.
However the advantage of a floor stops rodents getting into the house when it is shut.
The hen house will fit for 3-6 hens comfortably, though some customers have used it for 8 or more.
Standard Hen House (With floor)
1220mm Long X 770mm Wide X 1050mm High
Price including ex.VAT = £241.18
Deluxe Hen House
(With floor & galvanised Run)
1220mm Long X 770mm Wide X 1050mm High
Price including ex.VAT = £310.00
Additional 4ft Mesh Run
Price including ex.VAT = £29.22
Choice of Red, Black, Green or Grey Roof Material.
Easy Access
Solid Floor
Mesh Floor
Hen Arks
The Solway Hen Ark benefits from many of the same features as the hen house, with the main extra feature being that it houses more hens. The hen ark can be bought with or without extension runs.
Standard Hen Ark (With Floor)
1220mm Long X 1520mm Wide X 990mm high
Price including delivery ex.VAT = £336.00
Deluxe Hen Ark
(With Floor & Galvanised Run)
1220mm Long x 1520mm x 990mm high
+ Run size= 1400mm Wide X 865mm High
Price including delivery ex.VAT = £403.20
Additional 4ft Mesh Run
Price including delivery ex.VAT = £31.95
Two Nest Trays
Galvanized Run
Add Multiple Runs
There are now 4 colours to choose from, Black, Red, Grey & Green.
These are at no extra cost

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