Solway Sheep & Lamb Pens

These are an eco friendly Award Winning environmental alternative to traditional materials. They are low maintenance and offer features that hurdles and pallets don't.
  • Non Absorbent
  • Easily Steam Cleaned to help reduce risk of infections
  • Durable
  • Non Toxic
  • The lambs are not exposed to draughts
New size options available to suit all breeds. The new Sheep and Lamb pens can be set up in a row or back to back depending on your needs. They can be fitted with adopter fronts.
Warm, Hygenic,
No hung lambs,
No miss mothering,
Ewes more settled
Light, Easy to Install
Simple to set up in a row
or back to back with
bucket holders
Lamb Adopter Fronts are
also available to fit your
existing pens
Length1500 mm1500 mm1500 mm
Height900 mm900 mm900 mm
Width1500 mm1220 mm1020 mm
The Lamb pens are made from Agriboard, which is a more rigid version of Solway's Stokboard.
Simple to set up
In a row
Back to Back
All pens have bucket holders which hold 1 gallon or 4.5 litre buckets.
All pens can be specially ordered at 40ins. Or 100cms high
This unit is available in all pen sizes and is so simple to install. When you have a problem ewe, either needing a foster lamb or not letting her lambs feed you just replace the normal front with the specially designed adopter front. These adopter fronts are available for all sizes.
New styles available
New Outdoor Range also available

Due to farmers demand Solway have introduced “The Outdoor Range” of lambing pens for the upland farmers lambing outside. This new range have a tapered side to facilitate an adjustable sliding roof which keeps the ewes and new born lambs away from wind and rain until the lamb is strong enough to withstand the elements.
SOLWAY has launched an eye catching circular lamb adopter to save lives, time and temper at this busy time of the year!
Built with 100% recycled agricultural plastic the Solway Circle Adopter, which holds up to six ewes and lambs in secure, draft free comfort, proved highly cost effective during on farm trials.
Ewes and lambs are easily seen in this extremely easy to build, dismantle and keep clean adopter that costs just £450 plus VAT for prompt delivery to your yard.
Supplied with bucket holders and buckets the Solway Circle Adopter improves survival rates for weak lambs by having a safe area to either side of each ewe and optional holders for heat lamps.
In A Row
Standard Sheep PensPrices

(including delivery ex.VAT)
1 Standard Pen£142.30
2 Standard Pens£219.57
3 Standard Pens£288.34
4 Standard Pens£361.21
5 Standard Pens£434.18
6 Standard Pens£507.15
7 Standard Pens£508.41
8 Standard Pens£653.10
9 Standard Pens£726.07
10 Standard Pens£799.05
11+ PensPOA
Sheep Pens 

(including delivery ex.VAT)
1 Inter Pen£149.58
2 Inter Pens£232.24
3 Inter Pens£305.67
4 Inter Pens£383.69
5 Inter Pens£461.73
6 Inter Pens£539.78
7 Inter Pens£617.82
8 Inter Pens£695.85
9 Inter Pens£773.89
10 Inter Pens£851.93
11+ Inter PensPOA
Sheep Pens 

(including delivery ex.VAT)
1 Deluxe Pen£153.52
2 Deluxe Pens£241.91
3 Deluxe Pens£321.63
4 Deluxe Pens£405.73
5 Deluxe Pens£489.83
6 Deluxe Pens£573.47
7 Deluxe Pens£657.86
8 Deluxe Pens£742.25
9 Deluxe Pens£826.64
10 Deluxe Pens£910.33
11+ Deluxe PensPOA

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