Plastic Recycling & Bin Sales

The answer to farm plastic waste

recycling is in the bin !
AGRI Waste Stream 1
AGRI Waste Stream 2
Silage Wrap (250+ per liner)
Silage Pit Covers
Small Feed and Fertiliser Bags

each of the above to be kept seperate

Bulk Fertilizer Bags
Bulk Feed Bags
Bulk Seed Bags
130+ 600kg bag per liner
- no need to remove inner liner
AGRI Waste Stream 3
AGRI Waste Stream 4
Rigid Plastic Drums and
Containers (must be triple
rinsed and drained)
Containers can be compressed

Net Wrap or Plastic String (not to be mixed)

Please note only one type of waste stream per liner.
The plastics we collect are manufactured into many products including:
Fencing materials
Cable or pipe protection boards
We can remove other recyclables such as paper, cardboard, tree guards, teat liners, shotgun cartridges, plus bulk segregated loose plastic.
For Customers who have large quantities of Plastic ie more than 25 tonnes, such as Polytunnel users, we can offer a service where we bring our specialist equipment and bale on site. Depending on plastic type, cleanliness and how well it is presented and current market value it may well have a positive value to the farmer. We have some farmers who have used this service for a number of years now, reducing transport costs and Carbon footprints.
We are now able to Recycle polystyrene from both Agriculture and industry. We can collect EPS bagged or in bulk vehicles and compact the product to be placed into the Recycling process or we can go to the customer and compact on site. We can also collect ready compacted EPS from customers who are already using a compactor.
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