Solway Bin & Liner System

Six simple steps to a tidy farm and compliance of the farm waste regulations:
Step 1
Assemble the recycling bin by locking the bin
edges together, fit the plastic liner and finally the lid. For ease of moving the liner once it is full, set up this all up on a pallet at the start.
Step 2
Keep the bin next to the source of the waste, and transfer materials straight away. This reduces contamination, helps compaction into the liner and is therefore more cost effective and keeps your farm tidy.
Step 3
The quantity of the recycled plastic per liner can be greatly increased - saving recycling charges - by using a suitable compaction tool (which we can supply).
Step 4
Once the bin is filled, remove the lid and tie the liner securely with plastic twine or a cable tie.
Step 5
Store the filled liners in a secure site with suitable access for the collection lorry.
Step 6
Liners will be uplifted on a pre-arranged day. All liners will be visually inspected to ensure they contain the correct material. An ID tag will be attached on collection. Duty of care to be completed and left on the farm.
All farms operating this recycling system will receive a Waste Management Policy. Each waste transaction will generate individual duty of care. The Waste Policy will build up to show all of the farms waste collection dates, the volumes and types of material.
Scheme Non-Compliance
All liners will be inspected prior to collection. They will not be uplifted if they are found to contain excluded material, or if they are incorrectly tied or identified. If foreign materials are found during processing the liner and contents will be rejected, quarantined and disposed of correctly. Additional charges will be passed on to the farm or holding that supplied the waste.
Solway Plastic Recycling Bin & Liner Price List Prices (ex.VAT)
Purchase of Solway Bin Including 5 Liners £290.00
Purchase of Liners for the Solway Bin Pack of 5 £18.50
Purchase of Liner Compactor (Pallet fork attachment) £155.00
Purchase of Solway Mini Bin Including 5 Liners £90.00
Purchase of 5 Liners for the Mini Bin £5.00
Collection & Recycling of filled Liners with each containing one Waste Stream Prices (ex.VAT)
To collect between 1 and 5 Liners per visit £45 per Liner
To collect between 6 and 10 Liners per visit £25 per Liner

To collect between 11 and 19 Liners per visit


To collect 20 or more Liners per visit

£20 per Liner

£17.50 per Liner


Collection of filled Mini Bin Liners per Liner (min. collection 4 Liners)

£8 per Liner

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